David Ortiz’s Shooter Reportedly Was Hired By Drug Lord Believing Ortiz Had Affair With His Wife

It’s now being reported that a drug lord hired someone to shoot and kill David Ortiz. The original story of Ortiz being shot placing him as being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, the story has changed. Allegedly, a man was hired by a drug lord to shoot and kill Ortiz in a night spot in his home country, the Dominican Republic. Ortiz was reportedly in his native country to visit family and friends. The talk is that Ortiz was having an affair with a drug lord’s wife, and an order was given to take him out. Talks of hire for kill on the Major League Baseball player doesn’t stop there.

It’s said that some crooked police officers in the Dominican Republic were sought after by a drug lord to kill Ortiz. Representatives for Ortiz put a quick stop to the reports of infidelity, affairs entwined with a drug lord hiring someone to kill the MLB player. However, there is belief that someone indeed was hired to shoot Ortiz.Ortiz’s reportedly pleaded to doctors in the Dominican Republic to save his life, because he is a good person after he was shot.

Ortiz has a wife(Tiffany Ortiz) of 16 years who has been by his side since the alleged attempted murder on his life. The retired Boston Red Sox player stumble off his chair and fell onto the floor after being shot. He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital. As the 25 years old gunman, Eddy Felix Garcia  made an attempt to escape from the scene but ended up falling off of his motorcycle- this is when a crowd pounced on him. Garcia was kicked and punched in the face repeatedly like a punching bag, and was held until police arrived on scene.

He was later taken to the hospital for his injuries. Garcia’s life was saved in the end by a few people. A good amount wanted to kill him on site, but that was avoided by a few people on scene. Ortiz went through six hours of surgery where doctors had to remove his gallbladder to perform healing procedures on his liver and smaller and larger intestines. Doctors caring for Ortiz in the Dominican Republic gave the okay for the MB legend to be flown out of the country in a private air ambulance type jet owned by the Boston Red Sox.

Ortiz reportedly was taken to a Massachusetts hospital where he underwent a second surgery to further repair the effects from the shooting through his back. 43 years old Ortiz was flown out of the Dominican Republic on a private plane thanks to the Boston Red Sox, and given a heavy police escort to the hospital as can be seen below. Why Ortiz was given such a high police escort to the hospital is unclear. We can only think maybe they believed his life was still in danger by outside forces.


Ortiz is said to be out of the danger zone from his gunshot wound, and is said to be recovering well. As he gained consciousness- the first thing the MLB player ask about was the wellness of his family Ortiz has three kids. Two girls and a boy. Investigation within the Dominican Republic is still ongoing with possible crooked cops being looked at. There is also reports that police is on the search of one who showed to the scene with the shooter is being sought.

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