Did Floyd Mayweather Help Logan Paul Carry A Sham Fight ?

Mayweather and Paul

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul may have come off with the biggest heist yet against the American people resulting in them both walking away with millions of dollars. The YouTube star had everyone believing he and Mayweather were really going to go at it in the ring. The hype was built before the fight as both men launched insults at each other.

Many thought even more that it was definitely on when Logan’s brother- Jake swiped Mayweather’s hat off his head and ran off with it. Mayweather was livid. Shouting threats as he tried to hunt down Jake. Many believed that was the line that was crossed by one Paul brother, so the first to step to Mayweather in the ring that being Logan would have to suffer a beating and a knockout as result- so everyone thought.

Well, it looked like the world was tricked by the former professional boxer and YouTuber. There was be no serious bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. The Jake Paul and Nate Robinson fight was more serious. Mayweather and Logan made a fool out of mostly everyone. They seemed at time in the ring to be bragging about it as they displayed on and off grins to each other in the ring. I don’t remember seeing a serious fight having both opponents smiling from ear to ear at each other. A fight which garnered attention based off of the tension between the two men never amount to the occasion in the ring.

Did you feel scammed on what appared to be sham fight between Mayweather and Paul?


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