Dr Anthony Fauci Throws A Wide Curve Ball At MLB Opening Night

Anthony Fauci throws pitch

Dr Anthony Fauci was tagged to throw the opening pitch for the of MLB season. Fauci in case if you have been living under a rock or living away from society from sometime is apart of President Donald Trump’s team in the fight against COVID-19. Fauci has not been a popular demand by the White House for inclusion in important meetings in combating Coronavirus.

Fauci bases his findings on facts whereas Trump is focused on his poll numbers to win-reelection. Trump has been saying to Americans that the U.S. is winning its fight against Coronavirus, which is far from the truth. Reality is:  More and more cases of those infected with the virus continues to climb.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. Morgues are overwhelmed as well to the point where in some cases freezer Trucks have been brought in to host the decreased. Fauci continues to say the U.S. is losing the fight against Coronavirus, and that a catch up game to the virus is being played. Instead we should be ahead of the virus Fauci says.

Bad enough that Trump is not listening to the order of doctors in how to handle and contain the virus, Trump has publicly disagreed with Fauci. Clearly, there are many who appreciate Fauci for his hard truth on his take on Coronavirus and what needs to be done. You can see the doctor throwing out a monumental pitch at the MLB starting season below.

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