Drake Taunts The Bucks With Wrestling Belts And Reminds Them Raptors Are Champs

Drake wrestling belts at Raptors game

Drake was busy executing one of his talents he is good at, taunting the opposing team at his Raptors team took on the Milwaukee Bucks at Scotiabank Arena.The Milwaukee Bucks are currently sitting with an NBA record at 49-8, but didn’t stop Drake from taunting the team.

The rapper made sure to remind the Bucks that the Raptors are now champs, and that they are in a champs’house now. The Raptors shockingly knocked the highly favorite Bucks out of the playoffs last season. The two teams are highly likely to face off against each other again in the playoffs.

They can’t disrespect us. We have our own belts, too.

Is there any other fan that is as die hard as Drake ?

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