Floyd Mayweather Wins Fight Against Logan Paul Without A Knockout

Logan and Mayweather

The exhibition match-up between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul you can consider a dud. The money making “battle” between the YouTuber and the professional boxer was a clear win for Mayweather, but with no knockout. Mayweather landed some explosive punches, and appear to have given the YouTuber some mercy to not deliver a knock-out. Logan displayed his inexperience in the ring where any serious professional boxer would have capitalize on in knocking him to the boxing ring cavass..

Some how Logan believes that he won the fight against Mayweather. Saying he made a list of everyone who said Mayweather was going to beat his a**. He goes onto say that Mike Tyson is one of the many people on the list of people who said Mayweather is going to beat his a**. Logan said:

He told  me on my own pod cast. Floyd is going to beat his f**king a**. Floyd didn’t beat my f**king a** Mike.

Many would disagree with Logan’s comments there. It was clear Mayweather had control of the fight, and displayed that in landing explosive blow shots at will. An idiot watching the fight including Logan knew that Mayweather was holding back his skills for Logan to live out his dreams. Logan even admitted this after his fight with Mayweather:

“I’m going to go home thinking if he let me survive. It was the coolest thing ever.

Logan is said to be receiving $upwards of $10 million from the fight. Whereas, Mayweather is said to getting upwards of $50 million dollars.

Question: Do you feel cheated as the viewer seeing that Mayweather never deliver his all, and clearly made it known that he held back on Logan.

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