Former NFL Executive Reveals NFL Teams Viewed Kaepernick As Bad Business With Loss In Revenue If They Signed Him

The NFL front office has received a great deal of criticism from Colin Kaepernick and his fiancée since he has been without a job since becoming a free agent. Kaepernick reportedly believes that he has been blackballed by the league to never play again due to his protesting of police brutality against unarmed black men. Now, a former NFL executive, Joe Lockhart has come forward providing the truth as to why Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since becoming a free agent from the San Francisco 49ers. All NFL teams are independent of each other despite falling under one guideline of rules and policy that is the league.

Lockhart, a former NFL vice president of communications displays that it was up to teams if they wanted to sign Kaepernick or not. However, all teams had fallen under one commonality that is- no one wanted that financial risk. Kaepernick was bad for business as viewed by many NFL teams. Kapernick Lockhart says came down to a financial liability for NFL teams, and no team wanted to take that risk. Lockhart’s comments is not too far off from what Tealisted has said all along.

We questioned if the NFL front office is responsible for Kaepernick’s career coming to a dead end or should the quarter-back be to blame. Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem to bring attention to police brutality became a distraction away from football, and his team.

Not one NFL team has come forward providing direct reasoning for why they refuse to sign Kaepernick, but Lockhart opened those can of whispers in saying what he knows. Turns out it came down to an NFL team losing money if they signed Kaepernick along with more negatives than positives in signing the quarter-back. From CNN:

But for many owners it always came back to the same thing. Signing Kaepernick, they thought, was bad for business. An executive from one team that considered signing Kaepernick told me the team projected losing 20% of their season ticket holders if they did. That was a business risk no team was willing to take, whether the owner was a Trump supporter or a bleeding-heart liberal (yes, those do exist). As bad of an image problem it presented for the league and the game, no owner was willing to put the business at risk over this issue.