Highest Paid NFL Player Is Now Ciara’s Husband

The highest paid NFL player now goes to Russell Wilson as the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Ciara- as the wife is a happy to the moon. You would think she is the quarterback making the highest paid player list in the NFL. Russell Wilson at age 30 became the richest man in the NFL. Wilson signed a whopping 4 year $140 million dollar contract. You would think that is enough, but no- Wilson also received a $65 million signing bonus along with $107 million dollars in guaranteed league salary.

Let’s hope that raking in $30 million a season will leave Wilson a grounded man as much as possible. Only the strong minded knows how to stay at bay despite raking in millions beyond their dreams. Happy in bed like they just finished doing it-Ciara and Wilson made their happiness with the richest salary in the NFL known with the below video:

Somewhere Future, Ciara’s former fiance is grinding his teeth at Wilson’s success and Ciara’s happiness. Future and Ciara has one child together. The internet went crazy after seeing the video of Wilson and Ciara in bed looking like they just had hot, steamy sex. Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live asked Ciara what we were thinking. He ask her if she and her husband had sex to celebrate his big NFL contract. Here is what she said:

Omg, after we did that video we went to sleep. After the video. We went to sleep…I mean literally that video we put happened like right after. You know, that was the order of events of the night, so after we did that we went to sleep. I’m not saying what happened before.

Ciara is overly joyed about her hubby’s historic salary increase. We hope Ciara’s closest pals remind her that this is Wilson’s life, and his money. He can drop her as fast as Future did. The temptations ranging from beautiful women to looking for a younger women is not uncommon behaviors of NFL stars. Ciara and Russell Wilson started their relationship in 2015, announce their engagement in 2016, and currently have one child together. Time will tell how long this relationship last. C

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