Kawhi Leonard Leaves Raptors And Signs With Los Angeles Clippers; Danny Green Follows By Going To Lakers

Danny Green left the Toronto Raptors in signing with the Los Angeles Lakers following Kawhi Leonard’s decision to sign with another team. Leonard broke the hearts of many Toronto Raptors’ fans by agreeing to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. Looks like that $50,000 fine handed down to Doc Rivers for tampering was all worth it. Many thought Leonard would resign with the Toronto Raptors as there are just so many plus as a player to sign with the team. The city of Toronto loved him. A mural was done of him.

The country loved him, and he was being offered free food and a free condo should he stayed in Toronto. Then there is the diversity of the city. Who can beat all that. Leonard was being worshiped like a king in Canada. Looks like all that was too much for Leonard or he just may have seen his mission as being completed in Toronto. He helped in winning a championship for the city of Toronto. Its first in NBA history. Leonard will signed a four year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers worth $142 million. Leonard’s decision to join the clippers was a well calculated one.

He reportedly told the Clippers organization to acquire Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder to join him in Los Angeles, and the deal happened. Leonard in the end was not after money. The Raptors offered him the most money, which was a five year deal for $190 million. No other team could match that offer, but Leonard clearly saw happiness elsewhere. Call us crazy, but just maybe Leonard wanted another challenge in making history with another team. Allowing them to win their first championship as well. The Los Angeles Clippers have never won an NBA title.

The Toronto Raptors should not worry too much. They still have their star that is their architect, Masai Ujiri. Sadness by Raptors’ fans needs to be put aside quickly as they must remember that it’s Ujiri that has made the Raptors a contending team in the NBA for years. Knocking on the door for that championship which the organization obtained this year. Ujiri has shown himself as the President Of Basketball Operations in knowing the right players required in making his team a danger to look out for in the league. The Raptors has surged under Ujiri’s arrival, and will continue to do so under his command. Raptors’ fans should maintain hope despite Leonard’s decision to leave.