LaVar Ball Banned By ESPN Over Comments Word Exchange With Jalen Rose’s Wife

LaVar Ball’s banning by ESPN over words he uttered on First Take towards Jalen Rose’s wife, Molly Qerim has could have you wondering if ESPN is too sensitive, due to the #metoo movement. The topic was a heated, and entertaining in regards to Ball’s NBA son Lonzon Ball being traded to New Oreleans Pelicans Anthony Davis. Ball feels strongly that the Los Angeles Lakers would regret dealing their son to the Pelicans.

Ball went so far in predicting the Lakers would never win an NBA championship again. All that rant and more by Ball as he normally goes off into is not what go Ball banned from ESPN. What got daddy LaVar Ball banned by  ESPN were his word exchange with ESPN host, Molly Qerim. Moving onto another subject, Qerim used the term in saying to Ball:

LaVar, can I switch gears with you, because I have a question here.

Ball responded saying:

You can switch gears with me anytime

Qerim appeared stunned with an uncomfortable smile and facial expression saying:

Lets stay focused here.

Ball then yelled out…GO AHEAD. Referring to  Qerim to ask her question. Ball’s comments were considered inappropriate and disrespectful to Qerim. As a result- ESPN banned Ball for his comments. Ball has since responded through one of his representatives saying that in saying to Qerim that she can switch gears with him anytime- he meant to another subject. He never meant for it to be a sexual remark. ESPN clearly doesn’t see it as that- because he is banned. And, Qerim appears to feel the same way as ESPN, because she never came out against ESPN’s decisions. Ball’s comments maybe too much, but does it deserve him being banned from the network?

Others clearly believing ESPN over-reacted to the situation went off: