Lebron James’ PA Announcer Confrontation Happens After Announcer Labels NBA Star’s Son As Foul Victim Favorite In Close Tournament Battle

Lebron James announcer feud

Lebron James has always displayed his support for his son, and even in this zone- the NBA player is being provoked. Lebron’s Lakers were knocked out of the playoffs, and so has been sent on his fishing vacation. Just when one would think Lebron would be in too much of a chill mode to be provoke it happened. Attending a basketball game for his son’s Strive for Greatness against Wildcat Select-an announcer managed to get under Lebron’s skin.

With the game so close either team could take that victory- an announcer saw more of an advantage though for Lebron’s son(Bronny) team. The announcer knows better than anyone how important foul shots and how they can stop the game clock to one’s team advantage. The announcer seemingly was making sure there is no easy win taking place out of favoritism to Lebron’s  son team. Reportedly, the PA announcer believed Bronny James earned his brownie points with the referees of the game being more prone for a foul call if some as breath on him.

Lebron was not hearing all that mess, so he went over to confront the announcer- which resulted in a delays of the game. Any other parent would be scolded or get tossed out of the gym. Not Lebron, the NBA star was allowed to walk back to his seat with police escort, and the officers standing before him as he huffed and puffed. Check out the moment below where Lebron almost stole his child’s thunder after allowing a PA Announcer to get under his skin.

Oh, the Wildcat Select won Bronny’steam- Strive for Greatness with a score of 73-69.