Lebron James Will Be The Best Player In The NBA Next Season Says Free Agent Player

Lebron James(Centered) is looked at as one of the biggest loser of the NBA last season. Despite their being other teams who were lower ranked in the standings, and didn’t make the playoffs- Lebron is viewed as the ultimate loser. Why? Well, Lebron is no stranger of calling himself the best NBA player in the world. The best player should always be in the playoffs as some see it. Then there is the fact that wherever Lebron plays a dream team is built around him to accomplish an NBA championship- and still didn’t. No other team is built to the level of the team Lebron is on.

Despite having a massive talent of player last season for his Los Angeles Lakers team- Lebron’s Lakers still could not make the playoffs. The laughs erupted, and questions began circulating of whether Lebron is even the best player in the NBA anymore. Talks of Kwahi Leonard began circulating as the best player in the NBA.

Many begun believing Leonard is a better player over Lebron after Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors- and won an NBA championship on a roaster with a less talented assembled team than Lebron’s Lakers. Lebron is not viewed as dominant player in the NBA like once before… and it appears that even his former teammate Richard Jefferson(above left) knows this, as he says:

LeBron James will be the best player in basketball next year, again. Now, will he be the LeBron James from ’08 and chasing down blocks? No. But, he’s going to do so many different things. … I think he understands the disrespect. He’s felt it over the course of his career, at different levels. Now, it’s like ‘Oh, you’re old. You’re not that guy anymore.’ But, I think, really and truly, he’s more focused on proving to people that basketball is the most important thing to him. And, the only way to do that is to go and destroy as many people as possible.

Many know that Lebron is influential in the kind of players being signed to the team he is on. Jefferson is currently a free agent. Could it be that he is putting in an application to play for the Lakers by kissing Lebron’s butt.