Logan Paul Versus Floyd Mayweather Brawl Tonight

Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul in a boxing bout is tonight. It’s Mayweather’s opportunity to knock Logan back into his world of YouTube for good. Damage will be the deciding factor. Mayweather must get a series of knock outs or an explosive one to end his bout with this YouTuber. Anything less will be a failed match.

Logan after all is a YouTuber. Logan has guts not for only his desire to step in the boxing ring up against a professional boxer as Floyd Mayweather, but after failing to maintain against KSI, a YouTuber. In case you didn’t see that fight, Logan who was panting like a dog in that fight against a resilient KSI ultimately lost that bout on judges decision.

Leading up to his boxing bout with Mayweather- Paul is ramping up his smack talk against the professional boxer. Essentially calling the processional boxer weak, saying even his grandmother can take down Mayweather. Fighting words for a guy that lost to KSI. It’s fair to say that Mayweather is already pissed and ready to do some serious damage to Logan. You might recall Logan’s brother, Jake swiping Mayweather’s hat off his head- and running off with it. The act didn’t sit well with Mayweather who clearly felt disrespect.

The boxer hurled threats at the YouTuber, and if the grimace of a face could kill- there would a bloody mess to clean up. We rarely see any knock outs by Mayweather in any of his boxing matches, but it’s fair to say that one can be expected to be executed on Logan Paul this weekend. There is no stronger force to build up in a man than the strong hatred for another being. Fair to say Mayweather has had enough of the Paul brothers.

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