Magic Johnson Reveals Who His Backstabber Was

magic johnson and rob pelinka

Magic Johnson’s backstabber we know now was Rob Pelinka. When Magic Johnson decided to give in his resignation to the Los Angeles Lakers as President Of Basketball Operations before the media- we knew right away something went seriously wrong. One, Magic did not submit a formal resignation letter to his boss-Jeanie Buss before informing the media on his decision to quit the Lakers as President Of Basketball Operations.

During his press conference where he announced his resignation, Magic stated that he was not having fun anymore in the job he signed up for. He also mentioned that some backstabbing was going on. When he was asked by a reporter essentially looking for the revealing of the backstabber-Magic didn’t bite. It looks like the media reporting calling him a quitter, and taking the easy way out may have just forced Magic to speak up on why he really left the Lakers so abruptly. In an interview with ESPN’s Steven A. Smith and others, Magic Johnson’s backstabber was revealed with greater details along with a response to Lebron’s dissatisfaction on him leaving without saying nada.

Magic also touched on how much the Los Angeles Lakers are worth, and whether or not he would buy the team should it go up for sale. Interestingly, the same thing that happens in your working environment was happening in Magic’s working atmosphere, that is gossiping. All with the seemingly intention if you are listening to Magic to bring him down, so another, a star gossiper could rise to prominence. Magic Johnson’s backstabber, Rob Pelinka.

According to Magic, he states he was hearing information coming from people that he knows of Pelinka saying that he was not working hard enough along with sabotaging being done with his job. When it came to his desire to fire Luke Walton– Magic says that he was denied from doing so.Quite the contrary to the power he was told he would have to make moves as the President Of Basketball Operations. In his ESPN interview with ESPN, Steve A. Smith ask Magic Johnson:

What the hell happened!? Why did you resign from the Los Angeles Lakers?

Magic responds saying:

Well, it was a couple reasons. You know, first of all, let me thank Jeanie Buss for the opportunity first. Ah, when we sat down and negotiated, I told her and I said listen-I cannot give up on my businesses. I make more money doing that than becoming president of the Lakers. So, you know that I am going to be in and out, is that going to be ok with you? She said yes. I said…do I have the power to make decisions because that was important for me to take the job as well. She said you have the power to make decisions. So, I said ok lets go do it. She said I’ma put you with Rob Pelinka, because I didn’t know Rob so she put both of us together. First year in was tremendous.

Magic goes on to say that things begin going in the right direction, but the back talking he didn’t know was taking place came to surface. He says:

I started hearing, you know Magic you not working hard enough. Magic is not in the office. So, people around the Laker office was telling me Rob was saying things and I didn’t like those things being said behind my back that I wasn’t in the office enough and so on and on. So, I started getting calls from my friends outside of basketball saying those things now was said to them outside of basketball. Now, not just in the Laker office anymore, now its in the media and so on.

Magic went onto say that he wanted to fire Luke Walton, and seeing that he had no power to do so along with being undermined and being back-stabbed-Magic hand in his notice to quit. Do you agree with Magic resigning from the Lakers without giving notice to his boss first or was he right based on how he was being treated ? Scroll down below to check out the interviews: