NBA Players, Celebrities And Social Media Burst Out In Laughter At Chaka Khan’s National Anthem Performance


Chaka Khan destroyed the star spangled banner, and no one went easy on her. Chaka Khan appeared to be too confident in singing the American National Anthem. She dragged the hell out of the anthem along with her vocals cracking.

Even more, there were some words also of the national anthem Chaka Khan did not pronounce properly. The performance was like a torture to many which seemed like it was never going to end.

The jabs quickly came via social media with many poking fun of Chaka Khan’s over the top singing. Celebrities and NBA players tried hard to contain their laughter as the legendary singer belted out the national anthem…but the power of laughter was just too great.

Some placed Chaka Khan’s national anthem singing as one of the worse in a long time.

And now, here is Chaka Khan’s performance that had many laughing:

Thoughts? Was Chaka Khan’s national anthem take that bad ?

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