NBA Semi Finals With The Toronto Raptors Versus Milwaukee Bucks Is Tonight

Toronto Raptors vs bucks

The NBA Semi Finals between the Toronto Raptors versus the Milwaukee Bucks showdown for the Semi Finals crowning will begin tonight. The wagers are in and the odds are strongly against the Toronto Raptors to lose the NBA Eastern Semi Finals contest against the Milwaukee Bucks. This will be the first NBA Eastern Semi Finals for the Raptors in 18 years, so the nerves could be shaky for the team.

It didn’t help that the Raptors almost lost their previous match up against the Philadelphia 76ers whom they should have swept but just barely beat. This case could have placed the odds against them more going into the Semi Finals as the under-dog. Being that they are a Toronto team, and as are all Toronto teams are known to do- which is blow leads and lose important games, it didn’t build much confidence in sports gamblers betting in the Raptors favor.

Tonight will be the Raptors chance to display that they belong in the NBA Semi Finals with the big dogs. The Raptors must play as hard in Milwaukee as the do in Toronto. Doing this will present a surprise blow to the Bucks, and provide the Raptors the opportunity to close out their match-up with the Bucks at home.