Nervous Raptors Blow Lead Against Bucks, Lose Game 1

Raptors vs Bucks

The Toronto Raptors did what they do best tonight, they blew a huge lead and lost the game. The Raptors were in control as they had the Milwaukee Bucks in their hands as they dominated the floor like they were playing a bunch of rookies. Inside the paint, and three pointers along with their defense were on par. What happened to the Raptors tonight by the hands of the Bucks is what so often happen to them.

The Bucks capitalized on their complacent, and mistakes and began dominating the game in scoring at will resulting in them taking the lead in the game. This is when the Raptors began working hard to fight for a win, but it was already too late. The Bucks were now awake and hungry for their first win in the series. The good sign is- the Raptors have what it takes to beat the Bucks. The problem is- they seemingly are showing sympathy for their opponent. As they build big leads- they blow them. The Raptors refuse to keep their feet on the gas when they get going.

Always letting up to allow their opponents to come within range, take the lead and beat them. This style of play by the Raptors against the Bucks will not see them going to no game 7. The Bucks will finish them in 3 games if they don’t get their act together. We are predicting that given they struggled with the 76ers going to game 7- this series against the Bucks will be their doom.