NFL Retires Colin Kaepernick And His Girlfriend Goes Off Calling NFL Organization Cowards

Nessa Diab

The NFL is looking to put a dead-end to Colin Kaepernick’s career by way of listing the former NFL player as retired. This was enough to send Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab off the rails. Diab jumped online calling the NFL cowards claiming the league blackballed her man, and making it clear that Kaepernick did not retire.

Diab went so far in nailing Kaepernick on a high pedestal saying he is a Superbowl quarterback, and that all that needs to be done is a complete review of Kaepernick’s stats. On the other side of the coin, most don’t see Kaepernick as a star quarterback, but rather as a sub-par QB to play in the NFL.

However, after his contract ran out with the San Francisco 49ers- and he became a free agent, no team was willing to accept the drama which comes with Kaepernick. He went unsigned. Kaepernick’s long lasting act of kneeling during the national anthem protesting the innocent lives of African Americans being taken at the hands of trigger happy police was seen as a distraction to NFL teams.

No team wanted Kaepernick’s antics or for their team to become a political stage. Kaepernick had a chance to show case his skills to many teams months back. Kaepernick was seen as the total screw up to his own career by not taking the opportunity seriously.

Colin Kaepernick retired