No Serious Interest Being Expressed In NBA Player Russell Westbrook By Anyone

NBA player Russell Westbrook has become the laughing stock of the NBA. No one wants to play with him as he is seen more of a trouble than a solution for a team’s objective to win an NBA title. Westbrook has been labelled in a series of NBA trades. There was the rumored trade with the Toronto Raptors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now, there is talk of the Westbrook possibility being dealt to the Miami Heat. When you’re a problematic player that is selfish often looking out for yourself than the team, no one has the desire to play with you. Just days ago- Paul George asked for a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers to play with Kawhi Leonard. Then the Raptors rejected a trade that would have seen them receive Westbrook.

The trade didn’t make sense for the Raptors as they didn’t want to lose one of their promising player in Pascal Siakam. There is talk of Westbrook possibly being traded to the Houston Rockets, The New York Knicks, The Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons. There is no one team that is overly interested in shaking ground for the troublesome, narcissistic- ball hungry player. There are whispers of laughter aroudn the NBA, because Westbrook is getting what he deserves- being shunned by fellow athletes.