President Trump Asked If He Will Give Invitation To The Toronto Raptors To The White House After Championship Win

We don’t think about it, but the Toronto Raptors should get an invitation from the White House like other NBA teams who have won the NBA championship. We don’t think about the Raptors receiving an invitation to the White House, because they are a Canadian team. But, it doesn’t matter- they are apart of the NBA- a team nestled in with American teams, and therefore should get the treatment of equality for being champions.

No one including Tealisted didn’t think about the Raptors visiting the White House to see President Donald Trump. We thought more of the Raptors visiting 24 Sussex in Ottawa to visit their Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. President Trump was asked if he would give the Raptors an invitation to the White House, and responded saying:

Well, we thought about that, Trump said on Thursday, when a Toronto Star reporter asked him whether the Raptors were getting an invitation. “They played phenomenal basketball. I watched a little bit of it. . . . So, we’ll think about that. If they’d like to do it, we’ll think about that.

Sounds like Trump doesn’t want to give out another invitation and then have it turned down. It would be quite the continued embarrassment for him. The Raptors however have already received an invitation from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit 24 Sussex Drive In Ottawa. Nick Nurse, the coach of the Toronto Raptors sees the Raptors as Canada’s team, and believes that is the only leader the Raptors should visit.

We have to say- it would be good attention for the Toronto Raptors to visit the White House. Since becoming President, many professional championship teams or some players have declined in going to the White House. Many believe Trump has been a disrespectful president, racist, and a divider. This has instilled the dislike for many sports teams in going to the White House.