Professionals Sports And Coronavirus: Are They So Greedy That They Cannot Wait Until Things Improve

Professional Sports teams

Professional sports teams are so greedy to line their pockets that they appear willing to risk the lives of their athletes and seemingly fans. COVID-19 is still hot with no let up, especially in America where cases of those contracting the virus continue to rise. In just one single day in Florida over 4,000 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported.

Still though professional sports are pushing to get back into business despite the continued pandemic of coronavirus. When the NBA cancelled its season due to the coronavirus pandemic- we thought that would be it until a vaccine is developed. Well, we were wrong- because the NBA is preparing to re-start their season. It’s not understood what the rush is for professional sports organizations resume their operations other than for financial gain. It’s irresponsible, un-professional, not the correct act of leadership. From India Today:

Sixteen NBA players tested positive for COVID-19, the league said on Friday, a little over a month before the 2020 season is set to resume in Florida on the same day the state reported a record of almost 9,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours.

Any player who tested positive will remain in self-isolation until he satisfies public health protocols for discontinuing isolation and has been cleared by a physician,” the National Basketball Association said in a statement.

Still, the NBA as of when this post was written has not done what is right- which would be to cancel the NBA season until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed. This may sound crazy to the sport enthusiast- but without a coronaviurs vaccine and the NBA season being resume- obstacles of the infected will continue to affect any ongoing season.