Rachel Nichols’ Apologizes For ESPN Controversy And Maria Taylor Tension

Rachel Nichols apology to Maria Taylor on The Jump

Rachel Nichols no doubt would is feeling the tension in the air after her comments displaying some serious attempts of under-cutting her colleague’s success were aired to the world. Nichols suggesting that Maria Taylor who is black only got promoted because of ESPN trying to look good on the diversity zone to the public had many disgusted at her comments.

Calls for Nichols firing, suspension and scolding has been mounting. In the leaked audio, Nichols displayed her frustration, and stages of jealously over Taylor being given the NBA hosting gig of the 2020 playoffs. Nichols took the opportunity out of her show, The Jump to apologize to ESPN and Maria Taylor. Here is what she said:

“The first thing they teach you in journalism school is don’t be the story, and I don’t plan to break that rule today or distract from a fantastic Finals. But I also don’t want to let this moment pass without saying how much I respect, how much I value our colleagues here at ESPN, how deeply, deeply sorry I am for disappointing those I hurt, particularly Maria Taylor, and how grateful I am to be part of this outstanding team.”

Taylor reportedly has yet to pick up any calls from Nichols or respond to any of her text message(s). It’s difficult to see how ESPN can move forward from here with Nichols and Taylor being under the same umbrella.  We can only predict one person will not return to the network upon contract renewal.