Serena Williams Accused Of Stealing Bianca Andreescu’s Thunder

Tealisted said earlier that Serena Williams was far from gracious after her tennis match loss to 19 years old Bianca Andreescu, and now others are seeing the same thing.

After her lost to Andreescu, instead of recognizing that Andreescu outplayed her, and was too much for her- Serena kept rambling on about herself. Serena kept saying in how she, Serena didn’t play well not acknowledging that Andreescu was just better. Straight from Serena’s mouth, here is what she said:

I love Bianca. I think she is a great girl, but I think this was the worse match I played all tournament. And, its hard to know that you could do better. Its really hard right now to take that moment in and to say um you did ok, cause I don’t believe I did. I believe I could have played better.

If that is not taking credit away from Bianca Andreescu- we don’t know what is. Listen to the mess spewed by Serena below:

And the take on Serena’s reaction to losing to Andreescu: