Shockingly, NBA Player Dwight Howard Believed Eating 24 Candy Bars Daily And McDonalds Was Okay

NBA player Dwight Howard has slimmed down uite a bit. You might have noticed this if you are a fan of the game. Eliminating 24 candy bars daily from his diet along with consuming McDonalds and honey buns would have something to do with a more vibrant Dwight Howard.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Center man now at 33 years old is on a positive path to his life. Howard’s game began getting cold, and his declining impact in the NBA began to show. As they say- you are what you eat, and Dr Cate Shanahan deep down knew this as show took on Howard as her client;

By February’s All-Star break, it was time for a full-blown intervention, and Dr. Cate Shanahan, the Lakers’ nutritionist, led the charge, speaking to Howard by phone from her office in Napa, California. Howard’s legs tingled, he complained, but she noticed he was having trouble catching passes too, as if his hands were wrapped in oven mitts. Well, he quietly admitted, his fingers also tingled.

Shanahan, with two decades of experience in the field, knew Howard possessed a legendary sweet tooth, and she suspected his consumption of sugar was causing a nerve dysfunction called dysesthesia, which she’d seen in patients with prediabetes. She urged him to cut back on sugar for two weeks. If that didn’t help, she said, she vowed to resign.

And then came the reasons for the negative effects to Howard’s body as Shanahan dug deeper in understanding what was going on. What was said:

To alter Howard’s diet, though, Shanahan first had to understand it. After calls with his bodyguard, chef and a personal assistant, she uncovered a startling fact: Howard had been scarfing down about two dozen chocolate bars’ worth of sugar every single day for years, possibly as long as a decade. “You name it, he ate it,” she says. Skittles, Starbursts, Rolos, Snickers, Mars bars, Twizzlers, Almond Joys, Kit Kats and oh, how he loved Reese’s Pieces. He’d eat them before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, and like any junkie, he had stashes all over — in his kitchen, his bedroom, his car, a fix always within reach. She told his assistants to empty his house, and they hauled out his monstrous candy stash in boxes — yes, boxes, plural.

Despite Howard’s health improving- the once dominant big man is not throwing up the statistics offensively or defensively that made him a force in the NBA. Howard’s game has stepped up though since joining the Lakers.