Sponsors Calling Down 19 Years Old Tennis Phenom Bianca Andreescu After She Beat Serena Williams

Beating Serena Williams(above left) in a recent championship match has blown the doors of financial gain and fame wide open for 19 years old Bianca Andreescu(above, right). Andreescu. Andreescu got a check for $3.85 million after her win against Serena. The million dollar payouts is sure to keep pouring in for Andreescu, and we are not just talking from her future tennis matches. We are now talking bout endorsement deals.

The 19 year old tennis player shocked the world in beating a more advanced, veteran tennis superstar as Serena Williams. Andreescu quickly went from being just a professional tennis player to a superstar herself overnight. She set a record in being the first Canadian Grand Slam singles champion at 19 years old. Cary Kaplan, the president of marketing firm Cosmos Sports & Entertainment said this of the Andreescu:

A year ago, she didn’t exist as a tennis player of any consequence,” he said. The week of Sept. 10, 2018, Andreescu ranked 210th in the world for singles tennis, according to The Women’s Tennis Association. This week, she’s fifth. A month ago, if someone was calling and offering her a million dollars it would have been so important

Andreescu is expected to receive lucrative offers due to her rise over Serena Williams.