Times Magazine Crowns Lebron James Athlete Person Of The Year

Even in a pandemic things are still going great for Lebron James. The NBA star won an NBA title this past season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Then after that he signed a massive two year contract, and now he is being named Times 2020 Athlete Of The Year. This one is sure to make Kyrie Irving feel a sharp stab like feeling at his side from the news of James being named essentially the best player of the game.

In case you haven’t been following, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both are signed to the Brooklyn Nets- but have not played together as yet. Durant is currently recovering from an injury suffered during his time with the Golden State Warriors. Irving excited in having Durant as his teammate said this this to Durant on his podcast:

“This is the first time in my career where I can look down and be like, ‘That motherf—-r can make that shot, too.”

The fact is, Irving did have a reliable former teammate in Lebron James who has displayed over and over again that he is deadly on all points of the floor to knock down game winning shots. Irving saying that having Durant as his teammate makes this the first time he has an equivalent shooting side-kick appears to be a jab at James. Studying one closely in knowing what affects them allows one to know how to hurt someone’s feelings. Irving succeed at that with James, as James stated that he was hurt by Irving’s comments.

Sealing those hurt wounds though is Times Magazine whose decision to have James as their Athlete of The Year not only throws sand on Irving’s comments- but also re-confirms to James that he is the best player of the NBA. Not like they have to, but still they did…Times Magazine listed their reasons for plastering James as their 2020 Athlete Person Of The Year. 

“After nearly two decades in the NBA, James has fully embraced that his talent on the court is a means to achieving something greater off it. And this year, more than in any before it, he showed why he is unrivaled in both. Despite misgivings, James played on in the bubble and led the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA championship—his first with the team and fourth overall.

By staying, James increased his leverage and influence, and got deep-pocketed owners, fellow athletes and fans the world over engaged directly with democracy. And through it all, he spoke personally to the anguish of Black Americans, channeling pain and outrage into a plan of action.”