TNT Cast Poke Fun Of Barkley For Not Knowing How To Turn Off His Ringing Phone

Charles Barkley Phone Problems

As long as he has been on TNT(Inside The NBA), Charles Barkley has been the butt of jokes on the show. The NBA legend often has something going on to have us tuning in, and his recent genuine act doesn’t disappoint. Barkley. Barkley, 58 had a noise(ringing) coming from his cell phone- and just could not turn it off.

Yes, Barkley couldn’t figure out how to turn his phone off. It can happen to the best of us. We are guessing Barkley just bought that phone, and didn’t get a chance to playing around with it.

Barkley apologize repeatedly for his phone being a distraction and not being able to silence it. The phone ultimately was taken away from Barkley like a child in a class-room. He was told he would get it back after she show finished. How everything got started.