Toronto Mayor, Hyundai Owner, And Foods Store CEO Create Website Convincing Kawhi Leonard To Stay With Raptors

Never have it been seen in a professional sports team being as desperate as the Toronto Raptors in resigning their star player. The Raptors have been begging Kawhi Leonard to resign not just during the NBA season. Not just during the NBA playoffs, and not just during the team’s championship parade. But, now a website has been launched where Raptors’ fans can go to beg Leonard to resign with the team.

Reportedly, the city’s mayor, John Tory along with Raptors’ superfan, Hyundai big shot owner Nav Bhatia along with Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamed Fakih launched a website for fans. The objective is for fans to go to Kawhiushouldstay -and sign a petition along with leaving a comment for why Leonard should resign with the Toronto Raptors. We think this is a bit much. They are treating Lenoard like he is a prince. With all this over-the-top love for Leonard- he would be stupid to sign with another team.

The guy is being offered free food, and free apartments, and has a big mural of him in Toronto. Then there is the royal carpet like treatment for everywhere he goes. The guy recently showed up to a Blue Jays game, and got this long standing ovation like he was royalty.