Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard’s Four Rim Lucky Bounce Eliminate 76ers; Raptors Advance

Toronto Raptors watching final shot made by Kawhi Leonard against 76ers

Kawhi Leonard should be worshiped right now by the Toronto Raptors. Believe it or not, that is Leonard above stooping with so much time to watch his shot on if it goes in or not. Leonard’s last minute shot bounced four times on the rim having the entire Raptors arena, fans outside and viewers watch in anticipation. The shot fell and the arena went crazy.

Kawhi Leonard playoff win

The Toronto Raptors eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers with a last minute shot. Kawhi Leonard who the Raptors picked up in a trade that sent Demar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs for Leonard work out just fine for the Raptors yesterday.

The Raptors played like a nervous, inexperience team appearing as though they have never been in the playoffs before. Open look shots were being passed up with the ball rotating from player to player- which resulted in the end to missed shots and turnovers. The 76ers capitalized on the Raptors’ misstakes and sloppy plays nicely, but it was not enough. The 76ers had a problem in Kawhi Leonard that is containing him.

Leonard ran game 7 in releasing shots and had them sinking flawlessly. This was game 7, and it was a due or die or cry game, and the Toronto Raptors eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers. The will now advance to the Eastern Semi Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks; the top team in the NBA right now. As the Raptors advance to the Eastern Semi Finals, 76ers’ Joel Embiid tries to soak up his tears of sadness from being eliminated by the Toronto Raptors.

Even with being a Raptors fan, you have to feel for Embiid crying his eyes out after being eliminated, and sent home for the summer. Scroll down below to watch the video…