Denise Richards Brags About Husband’s Junk Size To Friends; Husband Loses It

Denise Richards and her husband

Denise Richards is so happy with her husband’s penis size that she couldn’t hold in what has been keeping her happy between the sheets. During an episode of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills– Richards proudly bragged about her husband having a big penis as she explained it as an addition to what she likes about him to Lisa Vanderpump and Kylie Rinna.

As equally shocking, Richards says to the ladies that when she first saw her husband, Aaron Phypers she thought he was cute and wanted to f**k him. Richards says regarding her husband’s penis size, she never measured it with a ruler, but says Phypers penis is big. Richards makes a point in saying that she has seen some penises in her life, and says her husband’s penis is the biggest she has ever received.

And, here we were thinking Denise Richards was a conservative woman that would never utter such words about sex, and her partner’s man-hood. Phypers was shocked to here his wife speaking about his d**k being huge, and made her know of his displeasure. This maybe a surprise to many of you for a man not being happy his woman is speaking about his penis size to her girlfriend or friends. But, the reality is- only boys brag about their penis being big, and often it’s really just the size of a pea.

Real men knowing the package they are working with don’t need to talk about it. The woman will find out in bed. She surprises us with her vulgar talking, and below she surprises us again in what she does with a lollipop on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Scroll down below to check out the video…