Did You See This: Lil Nas X In Lipstick Performing With All Men In SNL Performance

Lil Nas X Snl performance

Lil Nas X sees no reason to hide anymore. The pop singer was on Saturday Night Live recently for a performance, and if you didn’t know he was gay– it’s clearly confirmed in his performance. Showing off his toned abs and six pack surrounded men left no care in the world to what you may think. In one moment Lil Nas X air ride one man, and then another moment another man walks over to him and licks him on his neck.

It was a scene that was unbelievable to see. Here you have the complaint about plus sized model on television being to sexualized for viewers, but here you have Lil Nas X being lick up on television and that’s okay.

Is it too much? Is it me or does it seem as though Lil Nas X is worshipping the Devil?