Disneyplus Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Beat Out Netflix

As Disneyplus was gearing up for its launch many believed that its arrival will knock movie streaming giant Netflix out the way. I can tell you that all the hype about Disneyplus’ arrival- and now that it’s here-the moment was a huge thud. I was one of the ones who got excited about Disney+- and signed up at 5:00am upon its launch. Upon logging in- I came across a nice, clean layout which I liked. However, as I scrolled through the list of movies offered by Disney+, and after searching for movies- I was left disappointed. One, there is not an even balanced in quality movies for adults as there are for kids.

This is surprising- seeing that Disney+ is trying to compete directly with Netflix. Even, as I scrolled to Disney+’s exclusive original content in competition with Netflix’s- I was shock. Disney cannot even step to Netflix in this arena. Disney barely has any original content on their platform. What will be Disney+’s excuse here. Disney is a massive company, and had a whole lot of time in planning their movie streaming launch. From Techradar:

If Disney keeps it updated with new content, Disney Plus could rival Netflix sooner rather than later. There’s a decent amount of content right out of the gate to fill a few weeks of movie nights, but you’ll quickly find yourself out of things to watch after that. How Disney Plus does long-term is largely determined by how quickly content comes to the service, but the good news is that the service is built on a very solid platform and, at for its paltry subscription price, is well-worth trying for yourself.

What is their excuse for not having a balance quantity of adult movies as they do for kids? What is their reason for low quality of Original content? Then, if you are like me with interest in watching Nigerian movies- you will be even more disappointed with Disney+. They don’t have Nigerian movies on their platform. Oh, let me not forget the need of installing the Disney+ application on your t.v. I have a 2016 Samsung Smart television, and I have yet to find the Disney+’s app to watch movies on my smart television. Instead, I have installed the application on my smart phone, and still searching for the application to install on my smart television. My friends also are having the same problem.

Now, if you are thinking to contact Disneyplus for any assistance- good luck! I tried calling them and contacting them through their internet chat. 2 hours was my waiting time before I hung up the phone and disconnected their online chat. I never did get to speak with a Disneyplus staff regarding locating and installing their application on my smart television. Where is it? Why can I not find it? Did they not make it available for Samsung Smart television sets?

If so- why not ? If you are looking to sign up to Disney for kids- then fine. It would be great for them. But, if you’re looking to leave Netflix and jump over to Disney for a better experience-you will not experience this. No one is willing to pay for two streaming service. The daily consumer is interested in a streaming service which provides both options for everyone in the house-hold. So, is Disney the better way to go over Netflix ? No. Well, at least not at this stage. Good content is missing. Lack of good customer service is lacking, and a fair balance of good quality content for adults does not exist. I rather pay more for quality content than not.