Drake Expresses Disappointment Over His Father’s Comments

Drake is just like you. Being rich doesn’t exclude him from lying family members or parents acting as leaches off his financial success. Drake woke up disappointed after his father came out saying that his strained relationship presented to the media by his son was all a lie. Dennis Graham claims that his relationship with his son, Drake is better than what Drake presented to the public. Graham beginning at the 5:40 mark tackles the issue he claimed he had with Drake say the untrue things about their relationship not being as good as it is. He said:

I had a conversation with Drake about that. I have always been with Drake. I talk to him if not every day, every other day. We really got into a deep conversation about that. I said, ‘Drake, why are you saying all of this different stuff about me man? This is not cool. He [goes], “Dad, it sells records.” I said ‘Okay, well cool. Talk about me!

Drake in an Instagram post waking up to his father essentially calling his raps about their relationship being negative a lie had this to say:

Woke up today so hurt man. My father will say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him. It’s sad when family gets like this, but what can we really do [?] that’s the people we are stuck with.

We really don’t know what the core of Drake’s relationship truly is with his father. Whether really close, semi close, or a bit distant, but one thing we do know….family will always be the same whether you’re rich or poor. You have your jealously, in-fighting and lies being created. One has to know how to effectively deal with the issues to put it at a complete stop.