Flash Back: Chadwick Boseman Talking About “Black Panther 2”

Chadwick Boseman on the breakfast club

This flash back interview of the late Chadwick Boseman displays to us once more of how grounded the A-list actor was. It’s not typical that you see big time actors walking through The Breakfast Club. Boseman clearly was not an individual who ignored the smaller markets.

He saw that everyone mattered- and by his actions- that opportunities should find everyone was evident. You would never tell by even watching him that he is someone big in Hollywood. He was humorous during his interview. Loose and joyful while giving off an energy we could even feel at home.

Even more sad…all the plans Boseman clearly had to starring in The Black Panther sequel. With his death- it is unclear if there will be another Black Panther movie. How will fans view a newly selected Black Panther. Would you be up to see a new Black Panther on the big screen?