Kim Kardashian Says Studying 18 Hours A Week Is Hard Work

In case you didn’t know…reality t.v. star and former sex tape maker Kim Kardashian would like to now be a lawyer. She says she has been studying 18 hours a week with two current lawyers and stresses that it’s hard work. It’s laughable listening to Kim Kardashian speak. First listening to her say that 18 hours a week is hard work. If only she knew how many hours full-time students spend in college and universities a week just attending classes which is 40 hours a week- minus studying.

Kim has been successful in having President Donald Trump provide a pardon for 63 years old woman, Alice Marie. Marie was incarcerated for 23 years for cocaine distribution and money laundering- and Kim felt like Marie over did her time and should get a release.

She was successful in having President Trump listen to her plea in freeing marry. Kim’s head became big after the news media championed her for actions. Kim fails to understand that Trump likes her as a Kardashian and being a celebrity helps in getting her request listened to. This doesn’t however provide Kim with the bar test knowledge into being a lawyer. Scroll down below to watch the video.

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