Loni Love On Black Men: “They Think Because They Have Money, They Have Power They Can Treat Woman Any Kind Of Way”

When you listen to Loni Love give her take on why black women run out of luck with black men when it comes to relationship…you will quickly start to think the white love is running through Loni’s veins.

The 48 years old comedian and t.v. show host who is in a relationship with a white man had this to say on the faults of black men not being able to hold down a relationship, she said:

I don’t speak for the black community, but I do think that a lot of black men…they really don’t know how to have true, faithful relationships. They think because they have money. They have power that they can treat women any kind of way. It’s something we need to work on. We need to work on that money and power does not mean that you just do whatever you want to do.

We are still dealing with the point of slavery, and we are decedents of slavery. And, because our families were broken up we still do not have an idea of how to have together families, because our families were broken up.