Malik Yoba Speaks On His Attaction To Transgender Women

The flame has not gone down since actor Malik Yoba who was born Muslim admitted being attracted to transgender women. A trans-woman is someone who was born a male, but physically within them are said to have identity issues in  seeing themselves more feeling like a female.

A process continues in which the male transitions himself to that in looking like a woman, and taking hormones in speaking like a woman. In some cases, some men will go so far in having their male parts surgically changed to looking like that of a female. It’s often said that transgenders often feel like they are born in the wrong body. Malik Yoba has been receiving a a lot of backlash since admitting he is attracted to transgender women.

Watch the video below as Yoba discusses how his interest in transgender women came about. If you don’t want to watch straight from the beginning, then start watching from the 9:00 mark and on…you will be shocked at the 9:21 mark of what you hear. Lets just say…heterosexual men who are strictly heterosexual need to be careful before they are taking for spin by a copy.