Wendy Williams New Host Until She Returns Is Don Lemon

talk show host wendy williams new host don lemon sits in until Wendy returns

Wendy Williams new host until she returns will be CNN’s Don Lemon. This position serves Lemon well as he likes to rant on about things, and what better way than to be a sit in for Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams extended her stay off work a bit longer. Weeks ago when Wendy took absense leave off her show¬†fans began wondering what was going on. Wendy taking more time off her show is sure to fuel to gossip mill.

The Wendy Williams show returned to air on January 14 without the woman whose name is the title of the show. Filling the spot as Wendy kicks up her heels were a panel of known faces like Don Lemon, Elizabeth Wagmeister, Heather McDonald, and Faith Jenkins. Although Lemon host the show with a panel of co-host- it’s said that Lemon has received the job of filling in as host of the Wendy Williams show until her return.

It was said that Wendy would return to her show on January 14th, but it looks to us like what Wendy is going through is still not resolved as she extends more days off work to deal with whatever it is she is dealing with. Wendy’s shoulder injury is said to be the primary reason why the talk-show host has been away from her show.

However, many believe that Wendy’s shoulder injury is not the reason why Wendy is at home. The talk is that Wendy’s husband reported running around with his mistress, and blogs picking up the story has reportedly served as an embarrassment to Wendy. It would not be shocking to us if Wendy returns to the show to provide us with some tea on her martial status as separated, pending a divorce with husband.

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