Ray J Pissed Off At Kim Kardashian’s Mother, Kris Jenner; Calls Her A Liar And Says She Watched And Approved Of Sex Tape Releasing

Kris Jenner Lie Detector

Kris Jenner’s claims about not being the architect who green lit her daughter’s sex tape to the world has Ray J boiling in anger. Ray J is saying that the x-rated bedroom get down he and Kim Kardashian recorded on video that has been viewed by the world many times over and shot Kim to fame was approved by her mother, Kris.

Kris’ appearance on the Late Late night Talk Show With James Corden where she took a lie detector test saying that she did not have anything to do with the releasing the sex tape between her daughter and Ray J pissed off the RnB singer. Through a lie detector set up question by James Corden Kris was asked:

Did you help Kim release her sex tape?”

Kris replying the question along with the audience’s shock of awe by the question replied:

It’s okay. no, no.

As the applause erupted…and Corden chipped in saying:

Of course its true. Of course its true.

Kris said:

Thank you! Thank you!

Ray calls lie on Kris’ lie detector set-up. The Wait A Minute singer claims that Kris viewed several sexual bedroom takes of him and Kim, and selected which would placed her daughter in the best light for the world to see. He goes so far to sat he even has receipts to prove the truth.

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