Rihanna And T.V. Show Host Seth Meyers Have A Day Drinking Competition

Rihanna recently joined in on Late Night With Seth Meyers Day Drinking, but what we were more amazed with was Rihanna’s new look. Does this woman look hot in about every new look she engages in. She may not look as good another one before, but horrible looking- never.

This day drinking thing Rihanna and Seth are doing should not be tried at home with your friends. It’s dangerous. Rihanna and Seth as you can see didn’t go the limit to out drink each other but rather just lightly playing with the moment. No one wants alcohol poisoning at the end of the day. Seth allowed Rihanna to put make-up on him, and he acted like a drunk fool. We don’t know if the liquor got to him or if this was just his natural acting chops taking place. Wonder what Rihanna’s Muslim boyfriend thinks of the drinking.