Romeo And Master P Gets Wendy Williams Blushing As They Smush Her Together

Wendy Williams is having the time of her life since splitting from her husband of two decades. Wendy is seeing that she has got the stuff men are interested in. Many more may disagree, but Miss Wendy’s personality is a catch.

If you know anything about a good personality- it can over-ride physical appearance any day. Romeo and Master P had Wendy gushing on her show as they got up close and personal with her.

The smush together on her looked cute with her in the middle looking shy, and innocent.  Wendy asked Master P out for dinner, and invited to Romeo to join. She quickly mentioned that it’s not a thing, because she is off the market. Wendy teared up on her talk show days prior stating that she is off the market, saying she found a man.

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