Russell Crowe’s Weight Gain Is Enough To Have Anyone Wondering

Russell Crowe weight gain

56 years old actor Russell Crowe appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon promoting his new movie, Unhinged. The long time actor touched on working on Gladiator mentioning the script was crap as it was presented to him. Shockingly, how they made something that is crap on a piece of paper magical on the big screen. I couldn’t focus much on the topics at hand as I was shocked by the massive pounds Russell Crowe has put on.

No word on if Crowe put on the pounds for his movie role in Unhinged or for any upcoming movie. But, judging by his continued increase in weight over the years- it looks like Crowe’s weight- is just Crowe eating up a storm in his daily life. Watching Crowe in his interview with Fallon even looks like his weight presents some troubles in him talking. It’s like he is heaving a bit.