Sharon Osburne On Megan Markle’s Skin Color: “She Ain’t Black, She Doesn’t Look Black”


The flame has increased even more under Sharon Osburne’s butt. A video dug up of the spicy mouth socialite and talk show host displayed spewed ignorance. On a past episode on The Talk, her co-host, Sherly Underwood happily said of Megan Markle:

She brought blackness to the Royal family.

Osburne quickly threw water on those comments in reference to Markel’s skin color saying:

She ain’t black. She doesn’t look black.

Rapper Eve made sure to mention that black people come in all shades of blackness. Allegations against Osburne has been flooding through the taps ever since she came out in defense of Pierce Morgan’s. Morgan wasted no time to bashing Prince Harry and Megan Markle for talking what he felt was negatively about the Royal Family in their Oprah interview.

According to Markle, someone in the Royal Family made a reference to her child’s skin color being too dark. Reportedly, there were rumored talks that her children would not be seen as equal to ascend in the Royal Family due to skin color. In defense of Osburne defending his comments Morgan release this statement on Twitter:

Sharon’s been shamed & bullied into apologising for defending me against colleagues accusing me of racism because I don’t believe Meghan Markle’s bulls–t.

Morgan’s comments in slamming Markle and Prince Harry after their interview with Oprah developed its own allegations against the loud mouth t.v. show host with racist at the top. Osburne who hid no secrets about being a friend of Morgan, came out defending him, which she felt had many people accusing her too of being a racist. Unfortunately by opening her mouth – this alone may have sunk her in having many believe what they were observing. Angered by the comments rolling in on her for jumping to Morgan’s aid of defense, Osburne used her platform on The Talk to say:

I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist.

In a sit down on the talk, Underwood presented the question to Osburne for her defense of Morgan saying:

While your standing by your friend…it appears that you give validation or safe haven to something that he has uttered that is racist.

I will ask you again, Sheryl. I’ve been asking you during the break. And don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should be me. This is the situation: You tell me where you have heard him say racist things. Educate me.

I thought I was asking a question about the perception for other people. That’s why I pressed with I’ve never heard you utter anything racist, but I have felt that Piers was racist against in his stance against Megan Markle. The last time he was on this show…I said as much. I said it when he was on this show.

It didn’t take long for the diggers to find a video of the past of Osburne speaking ignorantly in regards to skin color: