Steve Harvey Set To Host Weekend Empowerment Conference

Steve Harvey

Just days after news of him losing two of his jobs, the news comes that Steve Harvey will be hosting a conference focused on empowering the business minds of those looking for the right path to take to success. Steve will be one of several high profile speakers at the conference that will include former NFL player Al Harrington, and Judy A. Smith.

It’s an odd decision Steve would select to be a motivational speaker just days after being laid off and essentially fired from two of his jobs. With such fresh downfalls-you would think the last thing Steve would be doing is an empowerment conference. This path resembles Dancing With The Stars, where one hit wonders or no longer highly sought after celebrities are attained to prove themselves to millions of Americans. Steve is 62 years old, and has made millions over the years, so despite being let go from several of his jobs- he should be set for life.

It’s unclear why at 62 years old why he feels the need to work like he is in his 30’s. What are you grandparents doing at 62 years old? Working 2 or 3 jobs ? It could be that Steve is truly under pressure as the reports goes by his alleged money hungry wife that is said to be bleeding his bank account in racking up charges non-stop.