Steve Harvey Talk Show Gets Cancelled And Loses Little Big Shot Host Gig

Steve Harvey

Sometimes the whispers deposited into the rumor-mill turns out to be true. If the one about Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie burning through his money faster than he can spend it is true- Steve then will be in a whole lot of problems after losing two jobs. Steve’s talk show run has come to an end after six seasons on air. Kelly Clarkson is set to take his time slot. The downhill mode for Steve came into play after he decided to relocate his show from Los Angeles to Chicago.

And, it didn’t stop there- Steve also decided to change the format of his talk show- which cost him greatly in the end. He began losing viewers. The butter to his bread. Steve could no longer bring in his 2 million viewers. He was now bring 1.6 million viewers in the recent weeks. Creating his own wrecking ball that destroyed the success of his once successful show, Steve had this to say:

“I’m a die-hard believer in reinvention,” he said. “But sometimes you just have to leave the wheel alone, and let it roll down the hill.”

Someone needs to tell Steve that being greedy is what also sends people to their own demise. Realistically, this was all about money. We believe Steve chased the money of Hollywood in hoping that he would capitalize nicely in Los Angeles like the other big dogs of television. Steve’s second pink slip came on the news that he will not be returning as host of Little Big Shots, he co-created with Ellen DeGeneres.

Despite not being the host of the show anymore- Steve might just be getting some kick-backs from the show as he was the co-created of the show. Surely that must come with re-occurring money as long as the show is on the air. Steve still has his daily get up job over at Family Feud, and his gift of being a comedian. The last episode for Steve is set to air in June.