Van Jones Hits Wendy Williams Where It Hurts; Questions Her Divorce After She Questions His

CNN political commentator, and t.v. show host Van Jones appearing on the Wendy Williams Show gave Wendy a taste of her own medicine. Wendy likes to dig into the personal business of her guest, but refuse to divulge anything revealing the ongoing divorce with her husband, Kevin Hunter. We don’t know from Wendy’s mouth in all that is going on in her marriage.

She refuses to talk about the situation to her fans and audience but likes to sip and spill the tea of others. Van Jones let Wendy have it and place her in an uncomfortable position when she asked him about his divorce to his wife, Wendy said this about Jones to her audience and to Jones on his divorce to his wife:

They are getting a divorce. The divorce is not finalized. You still wear your ring?

Jones responded with this:

You got something on your hand too, so I ain’t talking about it.

Jones chuckled his head off as Wendy developed a screw face and in shocked thinking about how to respond as her audience wowed at Jones response to her.

Jones continued :

I am just saying. I am just saying. We talk about your ring.

Wendy quickly recovered saying:

Excuse men. his side of the couch is for the asking of the questions

Jones answered the question on his divorce saying this:

You know, and here is what I would want to say…you said every case is different, but in our case Jana was my best friend 20 years ago. She is my best friend today. We raising these two boys together. We got this show together. We gonna keep on doing good. Just cause one thing change doesn’t mean everything has to change. Do it the right way.

Scroll down below to see the shock and awe on Wendy’s face when Van Jones questions her divorce situation as she questions his. It’s priceless.

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