Wendy Williams Compliments 50 Cent In Recent Interview Despite Their Simmering Feud

50 Cent may not like Wendy Williams for all the unkind things she said about him in the past, but Wendy is not looking to increase the flame. Despite reportedly being shamed at one of 50 Cent’s past event where Wendy tried to enter, and essentially was told to get out by the rapper– Wendy selected to taking the high road by not talking dirty, right now anyways. The controversial t.v. show host in a recent interview was asked on Watch What Happens Live! if she can say three nice things about 50 Cent. Wendy didn’t hesitate saying:

1.He is not a bad looking man

2. I respect his hustle, and I was one of the first people to play his music.

Wendy actually said two nice things, but we are sure 50 Cent will let that go. Two nice things being said about him is better than no nice things and two bad thinsg.

Wendy Williams made a name for herself by saying the things most television host having their own talk-shows will not say, the truth. Wendy never mixed personal with business. However, she has been seen getting cozy with celebrities since being separated from her husband. We wonder…how will she maintain having a successful talk-show if she continues this route of coziness with celebrities.