Antonio Brown Rubs It In Your Faces That Patriots Got His Back

31 years old NFL star Antonio Brown appears to be rubbing it in everyone’s face that he is unstoppable. In one week, Brown was fired by his former team, the Oakland Raiders who grew tired of his antics. Then the New England Patriots picked up the baggage. Following that in the same week, Brown’s personal trainer came out claiming that the NFL star raped her in 2018.  Brown denied the claims of rape by Britney Taylor.

The Patriots coach seemingly didn’t know how to maneuver in a press conference with a flurry of questions fired at him whether Brown will practice with the team or nor following the rape allegations. Then there came more drama with Taylor allegedly releasing what she says are legitimate evidence Brown raped her.

With all that heat on him, one would think the Patriots would cut Brown from their organization, but no. Brown shot up a video online showing us that not only is he still with the Patriots- he has the backing to stay in full shape by Patriots star quarter-back-Tom Brady. Brown shot up a video showing his acceptance at Brady’s TB12 facility where he put in some serious work-out regiment. The star wide receiver said this as he gave us a video tour of his super star quarter backs workout domain:

The devil gonna try to bring you down when you get closer to your goals. The key is, don’t let him.

Brown looks to be sending that message out in the face of the rape allegations against him. The video he shut where he sounds winded appears to display him having some serious focus on football.