Backlash Quickly Mounts On Lizzo After She Calls Chris Brown Her Favorite Person In The World

Chris Brown and Lizzo

Chris Brown may not look like the clean, handsome career focused artist as he once was before, but he is still good in Lizzo’s book. The plus sized singer was not shy in approaching the older, scruffy, slimmer Chris Brown backstage. She asked the troubled RnB singer for a photo with him while telling him that he is her favorite person in the world. Social media didn’t take long to rail into Lizzo for forgetting Chris’ past and troubled behaviors since. One social media user in response to Lizzo calling Chris her favorite person in the world wrote:

“Lizzo calling Chris brown her favorite person in the whole f–king world. I’M PISSED OFF MAN.”

One other user wrote:

 “lizzo, my baby, look at me. LOOK AT ME. this isn’t you. i know the real you. listen, it’s just me and you, okay? this isn’t you. i know you better than that. please.”

Sadly, Chris’ past with Rihanna and his alleged continued violent outburst in handling situations since then has overshadowed his music career. The young, but old looking artist is considered the next best thing in music to the late Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, he just cannot stay out of trouble- and ignore provocation- and focus on his career and see it flourish. Chris was quite generous with his time with Lizzo. Got to give him that. He is also known to being quite nice with his fans. Unlike some other artist who act as though their fans should bow before them.

Thoughts? Are people being too hard on Chris Brown ?