Prince Harry’s Wife Is Complaining Again About Being Treated Unfairly

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is once again complaining about not being treated right by someone. This time it’s about a bunch of producers of a game show she was on back in the day. You might remember Deal or No Deal, the once popular game show with Howie Mandel consisting of 26 models holding briefcases containing different typed out dollar amounts.

It was the mission of the contestant to move on intuition as to which briefcase held by a model is the million dollar prize. Then there is a banker of the show who presents financial offers to the contestant in hopes of them walking out of the show without that million dollar prize. There is your quick run down of the show if you didn’t know or forgot.

Now, as a key component of the show as a model in intriguing viewers, Markle would have known what her task on the show before she submit that application. Why did Markle sign on that dotted line after knowing what the job consisted of. Deal Or No Deal like any foundation of creation know what they want in their production and puts it out there for hire. Here are Markle’s thoughts of the producers and productions visions of what they expected the model should look like:

As I said, I was grateful to have this job, but not for how it made me feel; that is, to [not be] intelligent. And besides, I was surrounded by smart women on that stage with me, but that wasn’t the reason we were there. I ended up leaving with that hole in my face. stomach knowing that I was much more than what was objectified on stage. I didn’t like being forced to be all in appearance and little in substance, and that’s how I felt at the time; be reduced to this specific archetype”, she regrets, referring to the stereotype of the “bimbo”.

Is there anything wrong with that. The show had its vision, and if Markle did not agree with it- AGAIN! why did she go on the show. Is it only me or does Markle come across as a trouble maker who is always playing the victim? Does she never not know what situation she is walking into before she does ? Also, pretty much everyone knew that Markle would receive a lot of ridicule and racism in entering that Royal Family.

Tealisted is not talking about within the family as Markle has claimed racism is being spewed from which sent a firestorm through Britain…we are talking racism from the public. Markle could not stand the pressures of attention, ridicule, racism in being in the Royal Family, so she ran to America and took her husband, Prince Harry with her.

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