“Surviving R Kelly” Documentary Displays Mind-blowing Details

After watching Surviving R Kelly  we understand why R Kelly was threatening to sue the “Lifetime Network” should they air the documentary which focused on his many reported predatory behavior where witnesses claim R Kelly scouted for teenage girls by going to the mall in search for them, and in some cases would past by high schools in search of picking up teenage girls.

Despite the Surviving R Kelly documentary focusing on R Kelly’s talents and in his rise to fame- the R&B singer’s gift and successes where over shadowed with his reported predatory behavior in allegedly having sex with teenage girls and then there is marrying the late Aaliyah.

Aaliyah was said to be a teenager at the time R Kelly married her, but on marriage license document it stated that Aaliyah was 18 years old and R Kelly was 27 years old at the time of marriage. However, on Surviving R Kelly, the former assistance to R Kelly admitted that Aaliyah was not of legal age when R Kelly married her, stating that he as R Kelly’s assistance forged documents, so it would look like Aaliyah was of legal age when she married married R Kelly.

In reality, Aaliyah was said to be 15 years old at the time of marriage to R Kelly. After Aaliyah and her family successfully got an annulment of her marriage to R Kelly through a Michigan judge, and to clean all records of her being married to R Kelly- that’s when Aaliyah began to moved on from R Kelly. According to Spin, Aaliyah ended things with R Kelly personally and professionally after the marriage.

R Kelly fell off the music scene drastically after allegations came forward of his predatory behavior with teenage girls, and there were the charges of child pornography in a 2002 case against R Kelly. R Kelly was won that case but more cases followed where the singer was accused of having relationship with underage girls. And then the infamous sex tape which showed R Kelly orders a young girl to call him daddy, and urinates in her mouth. Many celebrities have come out bashing R Kelly for his disturbing, disgusting, predatory behavior that has reportedly destroyed the lives of many females.

R Kelly since Surviving R Kelly aired has denied all reports aired on the show, and about that lawsuit he claimed he would file against Lifetime network should they air the documentary- we have yet to see any lawsuit against the network. Sadly, R Kelly’s music has surged in record sales since Surviving R Kelly aired.

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